Indledning Candies and sweets are the favored treats, that we can all agree on. We all buy a lot of chocolate especially in the Christmas time. Next time you get into the car and head to the mall to buy some chocolate, please think about where the chocolate came from. Chocolate is something all of us eat Friday- or Saturday night when we are watching television. And while we enjoy eating chocolate all of those who works on the cocoa farms might not. Uddrag The dark side of chocolate is a documentary produced by the Danish journalist named Miki Mistrati. The documentary is about child labour in the cocoa farms that takes place in the ivory coast. The filming begins in Germany. Where Miki goes around to some of the most popular chocolate companies that has stand on the convention. He asks all of the companies where they get their cocoa from and the most common answer is the ivory coast. He then asks the companies if they know anything about child labour on the cocoa farms where they get their cocoa from and the answer from all of the companies is no. Then they go to the ivory coast because they want to investigate the problem for themselves. They go to a cocoa plantation to see if there are any children, and they find a lot of children. They lastly go to Switzerland to where nestle (one of the biggest chocolate companies) are located. They want to show the documentary to nestle but nestle refuses to let them in. that doesn’t stop them though, they find a big screen and plays the documentary on the screen instead. Nestle then calls the cops on them and the documentary stops.


2020-03-25 17:04:32

Man i want sommeee

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